The evolution of FLORA BLOOMS FLOWER DESIGN began in 2016.
We are developing a new market in flower industry, a market that can offer a beautiful solution to an age-old tradition. We are confident that we are providing a unique alternative for people to buy flowers. Each original arrangement is hand made in our studio in Gold Coast, Australia by importing the highest-quality flowers in the world from farms in Ecuador, Colombia and Japan each month to keep our preserved flowers fresh for you. We hope you will experience the benefit of our innovation, attention to the finest detail and experience the enjoyment of our products. Our dream has become a reality with all the amazing support we have been receiving from our loyal customers and everyone around us.


FLORA BLOOMS FLOWER DESIGN flowers are real flowers that have been naturally preserved in a special way which can last up to a year.
FLORA BLOOMS FLOWER DESIGN flowers require absolutely no water.


To ensure your flowers remain in the best condition, the recommended tips are

  • Do not water.
  • Do not remove flowers from their arrangements.
  • Avoid pressing or folding petals.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Avoid areas with extreme dryness or high humidity.
  • Occasional gentle dusting off with a hair dryer set at cold and on the lowest air speed.
With passion and love for flower design, FLORA BLOOMS FLOWER DESIGN offers long lasting, elegant and exclusive original arrangements for you.