Tile Grout Cleaning Dunns Cleaning Service
The Tile

Cleaning tile floors by hand is very hard work. It is messy, uncomfortable and impossible to get the deep clean results that come with professional tile and grout cleaning. Dirt, oil and bacteria can often discolour the tile surface, and accumulates over time to a point where regular mopping and spot cleaning does not leave the surface appearing as it should. Not only do dirty tiles and grout look unpleasant but they are also unhygienic and can attract additional bacteria. Our professional tile and grout cleaning service restores the lustre to your floors, leaving them looking pristine.

The Grout
Grout absorbs moisture, oils and sugars that attract bacteria, dirt and other solids – in turn causing it to darken in appearance. Even porous surfaces like brick, Italian quarry- tile, limestone and other engineered flooring can act this way and absorb liquids, oils and dirt, eventually turning dark. There are chemicals that can dilute the grime but if they are not properly removed, the formed slurry can work it’s way deeper into the grout. Even rotary scrubbers cannot scrub dirt off fine texture lines. Moreover, the final mop of the day adds even more moisture and dirt to the grout.

The Solution
At Dunn’s Cleaning Service our floor tile cleaners achieve a far better result than any hand cleaning could ever do. By utilizing specific cleaning options and high pressure van mounted cleaning equipment, we have the ability to clean your ceramic tiles and cement, while removing all residues from the floor. Dunn’s Cleaning Service can also rectify all darkened grout and grime issues. Our cleaning methods do not just dilute and suspend the dirt but rely on hot water, high pressure, industry recommended cleaning solutions and a powerful vacuum for effective cleaning.

The process starts off with applying a suitable cleaning product to loosen the bacteria and grime. Then pressurized water is aimed to move out unwanted grime, bacteria and chemical residues that have been hiding in microscopic pockets within the tile and grout over a period of time. The last step involves using suction to remove the dirty water, leaving the tile and grout clean.

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How does sealing the grout help?
Since grout lines are below the surface of the tile, the soil and water easily collect in these ‘sinks’. When the tile is mopped, although it does improve the surface of the tile, it soils the grout lines. The mopping over time results in water becoming more soiled, which then seeps into the grout lines and is absorbed.

A grout sealer will prevent the grout from absorbing this soiled water. Instead, the soil will be deposited over the top of the grout and can be wiped off easily by a mop. There is much less chance of permanent staining as sealing the grout helps guard the surface from soil and stains.