Dunn’s Cleaning Service provide a range of additional specialised treatments and services:

Carpet and Fabric Protection
We can reapply anti soiling protector onto carpet and upholstery after cleaning. This helps to repel future accidental spills, as well as oils from the skin, resulting in your carpet and upholstery staying cleaner for longer.

Carpet Cleaning Spills Dunns Cleaning Esperance

Hard Floor Maintenance (Stripping and Sealing vinyl floors)
We can clean and help you maintain all hard floor surfaces including: vinyl, grout and tiles, concrete, slate, painted, wood and so on. These services include strip and sealing, auto scrubbing, tiles and grout, degreasing and high pressure water cleaning, industrial sweeping and scrubbing.

Floor Cleaning Esperance

Odour Remediation
It is common for carpets to become smelly due to contamination from many sources. Whether you have a general stale odour that will be simply rectified by proper cleaning, or more specific problems such as those associated with pets (and urine), Dunn’s Cleaning Service are specially qualified and experienced in providing effective elimination of odour problems.

Cleaning Pets Esperance Dunns Cleaning

Restorative Drying of Flooded Carpets
If carpets are wet and then left without proper restorative drying, permanent damage and unhygienic conditions can result. It is imperative that these problems are dealt with effectively and swiftly. Special skills and knowledge are essential to assess these situations and provide solutions to avoid costly damage and possible adverse health effects. You should call us immediately for professional help if you ever find yourself with a water-damage problem to your property.

Flooding Esperance Dunns Cleaning Service

Specialised Spot & Stain Removal
Advanced spot & stain removal techniques are often required to remove difficult problems that do not come out with standard cleaning. These treatments can be successful in removing many issues, where untrained carpet cleaners fail. Dunn’s Cleaning Service apply the most technically advanced methods to give you the very best possible results. And yes, we have great success with many of those recurring stain problems that are unfortunately common, due to incorrect spotting or cleaning.

Preparing the stains

Car and Boat Interior Cleaning
Dunn’s Cleaning Service can professionally clean all of your car and boat upholstery (fabric or leather), carpet, mats and door panels. Our sanitiser kills most germs, dust mites and bacteria present in upholstery or carpets, leaving behind a pleasant and fresh feel to the interior. We can even reapply protection to your upholstery and carpet to help minimise future staining and extend the life span.

Car and Boat Cleaning Esperance