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High pressure cleaning is an effective means to clean the grunge and grime from concrete driveways, outdoor patios and paths.

Slowly over time outdoor pavers begin to fade, become dirty, clog up, and stain – and is often not noticed immediately. Dunn’s Cleaning Service can give your paving a second life, and in no time at all can be the asset it once was to your home!

Paver cleaning couldn’t be easier or more effective than with our machinery and trained technicians. We generate our own hot water on site and specific solutions are mixed to exactly the required strength. These are then delivered in such a way to minimize mess and splashes, whilst maximising effectiveness by cleaning deep below the surface.

What Dunn’s Cleaning Service can offer:

  • Cleaning of concrete, bricks, pavers and exterior tile cleaning
  • Brick paver cleaning around your pool
  • Sealing of porous materials

Whilst we are on site you can also ask advice regarding other surfaces you have in and around your home – we’re always happy to help.

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