Leather Dunns Cleaning Service

Leather is a popular product that gets better with age as it stretches, gives and becomes more comfortable. However, to get to this point it must be properly maintained with regular cleaning and conditioner.

Day to day living can take its toll on your beautiful leather furniture. Ongoing contact points and body fats/oils on the skin can lead to leather drying out causing cracking, and dramatically reducing the life of your home and office furniture or vehicle upholstery. Other factors such as UV rays, medication, biro ink and dye transfers from clothing may cause damage, with spills and stains difficult to remove.

Terry is a fully trained and qualified advanced leather technician, his knowledge and skills ensure his leather cleaning techniques are of the highest standard, with the ability to perform:

  • Leather cleaning
  • Leather conditioning
  • Leather protection
  • Leather stain removal
  • Leather recolouring
  • Leather repairs

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