Furniture Upholstery Cleaning Dunns Cleaning Service
Upholstery cleaning is an important task that if incorrectly done can go horribly wrong. Lounge suites, sofas, arm chairs and various other upholstered furniture can attract a lot of unwanted soils, specifically in a house with children or pets. Although dirt and discolorations are unavoidable in a home, they don’t have to be long-term. Furniture cleaned by Dunn’s Cleaning Service will feel and look great again.

Utilising the latest equipment and specialised procedures, we will take care of all your furnishing and upholstery cleaning. We use safe, non-toxic solutions ensuring your furnishings are sanitised, freshened up and most importantly completely safe for children and pets. Our upholstery cleaning service is also great for automotive and watercraft interiors.

Our technicians:

  • Identify fibre characteristics and potential problems
  • Understand which cleaning agents may adversely affect or enhance the fibres
  • Be able to remove soils that can prematurely age fabrics (e.g. oils from sweat)
  • Restore your upholstery to the highest standard possible
  • Be aware and proactive in ensuring environmental and health standards are factored into each cleaning task they undertake
  • Reapply anti soiling protector after cleaning, which helps to repel future accidental spills and oils from your skin

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