Carpet Maintenance Flyer

Hard water is the leading cause of calcium deposits on most shower screens, sinks, basins, tiles and glass. These hard water stains are alkaline and are best neutralised with a safe acid such as vinegar. Apply vinegar, allow to dwell for a few minutes, clean, thoroughly rinse.
NB: acids can be harmful to plastics, cabinets, carpet & upholstery.

Run a hot water cycle with vinegar through your dishwasher to help with calcium and grime.

In the case of emergency spills: mop up with paper towel & call in a professional to asses both surface & stain before trying to clean yourself with unknown chemicals.

Utilise heavy duty plastic mats in your home office. Office chairs work dirt & sand into carpet fibres, damaging them often beyond repair. They will also scratch & deteriorate your hard floors.

Good quality mats are essential at all entrances to help remove sand / mud from shoes.

Call us to assist with your End of Lease Clean. We will work with you to take on one, all, or as many cleaning tasks as you need!