Carpet Maintenance Flyer

Clear desk & office space regularly so your cleaner can thoroughly clean behind / under everything. Consider moving to one side & then shift to the other side for the following clean.

Remove rubbish regularly & vacuum regularly where people eat.

Sanitise phones, door handles, registers & toilet areas regularly.

Toilets must be cleaned thoroughly, these areas are the main culprits of spreading bacteria & viruses amongst your staff & clients.

Vacuum carpets regularly to remove dry soils. Empty vacuum bags regularly to ensure maximum efficiency. Reducing your vacuuming frequency is a sure way to destroy your carpets and risk the health of your staff.

Good quality mats are essential at all entrances to help remove sand / mud from shoes. These need to be commercially cleaned regularly.

Deep clean your carpets regularly – frequency is dependent on premises traffic. It is best to have your carpets cleaned before they “look” dirty.

Regular care of your carpets goes a long way to prolong the life & appearance of your premises.

Use liquid soap (as opposed to a soap bar) in restrooms, this helps to keep your basins looking cleaner for longer.

Sanitary products can be installed to satisfy health requirements of restrooms.

Create a schedule / calendar for your cleaning needs, to ensure cleaning occurs periodically as needed. Eg / windows, carpets, tiles & grout, restrooms, vinyl flooring etc. Even consider pre-booking in advance.

In the case of emergency spills: mop up with paper towel & call in a professional to asses both surface & stain before trying to clean yourself with unknown chemicals.

Office chairs work dirt & sand into carpet fibres, damaging them often beyond repair. They will also scratch & deteriorate your hard floors. Utilise heavy duty plastic mats under office chairs & desks.

Applying a sealer to your vinyl flooring every 12 months will help prolong the need for expensive replacement (sealer acts as a sacrificial coating).