Carpet Maintenance Flyer

Vacuum carpets regularly to remove dry soils / particulates. Empty vacuum bags regularly to ensure maximum efficiency. Reducing your vacuuming frequency is a sure way to destroy your carpets.

Good quality mats are essential at all entrances to help remove sand / mud from shoes. These should be professionally cleaned regularly.

Deep clean your carpets regularly – frequency is dependent on traffic. It is best to have your carpets cleaned before they “look” dirty.

Vacuum regularly, especially where people eat.

When purchasing a new vacuum, consider a good quality upright vacuum cleaner.

In the case of emergency spills: mop up with paper towel & call in a professional to asses both surface & stain before trying to clean yourself with unknown chemicals.

Office chairs work dirt & sand into carpet fibres, damaging them often beyond repair. Utilise heavy duty plastic mats under office chairs & desks.

Regular care of your carpets goes a long way to prolong the life & appearance of your floor.

After we have professionally cleaned your carpets, allow 24hrs before vacuuming again.